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Anna Mackenzie, Evie's War, historic WWI fiction

"They offered up the innocence of a generation"


On the cusp of adulthood Evie is caught up in a war that engulfs half the world, that saw young men and women offering up their innocence, their belief, their love, their lives ... this  poignant portrayal of the First World War will stay with you long after the story is read.


Elgard Duet
Anna Mackenzie, Cattra's Legacy, YA Fantasy Fiction
Anna Mackenzie, Donnel's Promise, YA Fantasy Fiction
"Richly imagined fantasy"


Alone in the world, Risha embarks on a journey to uncover her past and stumbles into a political world fraught with danger, intrigue and betrayal.

To survive the turbulent politics of Elgard's fractured kingdom, Risha must become adept at sorting friend from foe. But can knowing her foes be enough?


Sea-wreck Trilogy
Anna Mackenzie, The Sea-wreck Stranger, YA fantasy fiction
Anna Mackenzie, Ebony Hill, YA dystopian fiction
Anna Mackenzie, Finder's Shore, YA dystopian fiction

"Dystopia that is eerily credible"




Ness lives on an island cut off from the world, insular and rigid in its views. When she finds the truth of both future and past, she is left with only one choice but is it one she would have made if she had understood the consequences?


Anna Mackenzie, Shadow of the Mountain, YA fiction
Anna Mackenzie, Out on the Edge, YA fiction
Anna Mackenzie, High Tide, YA fiction

"Contemporary teen voices"


Geneva battles grief; Alison discovers the reality of life beyond her safe middle-class world; Sam battles the elements and her own limitations. And Garry? Garry battles everything. And that's a battle no one can win.


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