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Cattra's Legacy


Magnificent YA fantasy adventure in a medieval kingdom. This book is a real page-turner. 
Book one in the critically acclaimed Elgard series.

A grave.

A journey.

A voice that whispers in her head.


Cast from the only home she remembers, Risha embarks on a journey to discover her father’s past. Instead she finds her future.


Aong the way both allies and enemies abound – and who can tell the difference? Barc the trader, war-weary Cantrel, enigmatic Muir: all prove adept at playing more than one game, at nudging Risha’s steps while keeping a tight hold on their secrets.


Caught up in the turbulent politics of a fractured kingdom, Risha forms unlikely allegiances – with river-runner Fenn, mute Clik and the swamp-dwelling nan-Irem – and risks all for the sake of a girl she’s never met. But who – or what – is Nonno, who speaks in riddles in her mind?


In her search for belonging, Risha must learn the hard way how to trust, when to run, when to stand and fight. 



"Morning's pale light filtered eerily through the bands of fog that lay like shrouds against Risha's skin.


Torfell's warmth had kept them alive through the night but still she felt clammy and cold, as if the marsh's fetid damp had seeped through every pore.


Beside her Muir was shivering, though his skin felt hot."

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Published 2013

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Anna Mackenzie, Donnel's Promise, YA fantasy

Elgard Series

Book 2

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Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Lake Wanaka, New Zelanad
Story Behind the Story – Anna says:

When I started to write Cattra’s Legacy I had a character in mind; a young girl in a remote mountain village. I'd decided to write a fantasy largely because my then 14 year old daughter had just begun reading that genre, and I thought it would be kind of nice to write a book specifically for her. As well, I wanted a theme that was a little less dark than my previous three titles, which had traversed territory including the ethical dilemmas of war, loss of identity and belonging, and environmental destruction. But Risha had her own views on where this story was heading, and her medieval world is awash with intrigue and betrayal.


Cattra's Legacy is a story about learning who you are and how to see behind the facades that others present; about how we learn who to trust and what to fight for. At the outset Risha is fourteen, newly orphaned and soon to be homeless. She embarks on a journey that sees her at first swept along as a pawn in other people’s games – until at last she manages to find her own feet and show the world (and herself) just what she’s capable of. In a few turbulent years Risha discovers a truth that reshapes her world and finds the strength to step into the future that troublesome truth presents.


But her story is far from over.

For the next instalment, read Donnel’s Promise

What the Reviewers Say


"An eloquent, richly rewarding blend of romance, warfare and domestic life in the Middle Ages that will have readers queuing up for the sequel."

NZ Listener, '50 Best Books of 2013'


Mackenzie uses language judiciously and precisely ...This intelligent story is one of personalities as much as politics and Risha’s coming-of-age will have wide appeal.

– Bill Nagelkerke in NZ New Books


"Spellbinding adventure that I couldn't put down."

– Linda Hall, Wanganui Chronicle


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CLF/Storylines Notable Book

Shortlisted for Lianza Esther Glen Medal


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