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Finder's Shore


Gripping final volume in The Sea-wreck Trilogy. Post-apocalyptic science fiction at its best.

Can Ness face the legacy of her defection and the scars it has left on those she loves? 


When Vidya’s governors are forced to action by the paramilitaries in the north, their decision sends Ness spiralling into her past.


Weighing the risks of returning to her home island against her desire to see her family, Ness and Ronan jointly embark on a journey that brings echoes of past terror and forces Ness to face up to the legacy of her defection and the pain her choices caused.


With both Dunnett and Ebony Hill lost to her, can Ness find a place where she truly belongs? Can she find space for both forgiveness and hope?

And what of Ronan, whose past is as challenging and scars as deep. Faced with a world turned sour, can he see a way into a future that holds more than what is lost and promises more than he dare imagine?


Moments later we're beyond the first finger of rock and Skellap Bay has begun to slide from view. Another minute and all that remains is the far end of the dunes then that, too, is gone, and with it the flash of movement I glimpsed at the last.


Studying Ronan's closed expression I decide against mentioning it. It might have been no more than longing that led me to imagine a figure looking out from the path that leads to Leewood.

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Cover image for Anna Mackenzie's Finder's Shore

Published 2012

Anna Mackenzie, The Sea-wreck Stranger, YA dystopian fiction

SW Trilogy

Book 1

Mackenzie, Ebony Hill, YA dystopian fiction

SW Trilogy

Book 2

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Story behind the Story – Anna says:


For me it’s important that stories, especially challenging stories, end with hope. Finder’s Shore completes the Sea-wreck trilogy, and does so by bringing the separate halves of Ness’s life together then from them fashioning something entirely new.


It is a book of change and of surprise. It incorporates the political issues of Ebony Hill and the emotional ones of The Sea-wreck Stranger. It deals with growing up, with reaching a point where you understand that the world is full of greys rather than blacks and whites. It completes Ness’s story, and shows us the future of many other characters – but it also shows us that futures are never fixed, never predictable, and that we each build our own. We humans are volatile creatures. And story is a great way to explore that, and to help us explore who it is we want to be, together with the ways we might get there.

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What the Reviewers Say

Some novels are so good that we beg for sequels, in order to meet the characters again ... In Finder’s Shore, Anna Mackenzie [provides] a splendid ending to an intriguing and original trilogy.

Trevor Agnew in Magpies Magazine


Stand-out novel from award-winning Hawke’s Bay author Anna Mackenzie, Finder’s Shore wraps up her trilogy set in a future where widespread catastrophe has decimated populations and poisoned seas. …The pace is fast and furious and dangers abound.

The action and drama have a realistic edginess. The characterisation is good and the language rich. This book is as strong as the first two in the trilogy: Sea-wreck Stranger and Ebony Hill, both of which won awards. All three were hard to put down.

Sue Maxwell in Timaru Herald


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