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More goes into producing a book than you might think. The writing of course; that's definitely no small feat. And 'writing' means the first draft, the second, the third; editing, reading, re-reading, re-editing. And so on.

Then once it's in the publisher's hands there's yet more editing, there are marketing discussions, there are debates about the title, about the press release, the release date, the cover. Cover design is a long and sometimes frustrating process - no doubt for the designer as well!

A lot of people have input and the author is not at the top of the list. Then there's proofing and more proofing and last minute amendments and...

And then it's out of your hands. That comes as a relief, for me anyway. It leaves me free to move on, to think about the next book (usually well and truly underway by this point), to write rather than tinker. And, just occasionally, to meander to the mailbox as I wait for those advance copies to arrive.

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