'High Tide' is back!

Great to see a new and re-jacketed edition of High Tide on the shelves! It was my first novel, and remains popular with young readers (11 and up) and as a High School text - it's a distinctly New Zealand story filled with fast-paced adventure and, at a deeper level, an exploration of the way we react under pressure and the way crisis changes our understanding of ourselves and each other. I re-read it before it went to print, and it was great to find myself enjoying it as much now as when I first wrote it. First published by Scholastic in 2003, it's also interesting to think about whether, and how, the world has changed in the intervening years. The process of re-reading one of your own novel

Tasting the core

Teaching. Why do we do it? A marketer or mentor might be tempted to say: 'It's not core business' - and they'd be right. But I love it. And surely that's reason enough? Last month's 'Speed Date an Author' was fast, funny and productive. Dialogue was my topic for the half hour slots in the NZ Book Council's 'maximum impact' event. Wish I'd had this kind of opportunity when I was at school. But half an hour is a mere taster. Coming up, in addition to an 'Off the Page writers series' event with Massey University in Palmerston North and hands-on workshop for aspiring fantasy writers at ComiCon Au Contraire in Wellington, later this term I have four precious days of teaching creative writing to f

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