Talking it up at the annual Writers’ Conference

Writers do more than write. They talk. Non-stop. I recently bore witness to the phenomena at the NZSA annual AGM, hosted this year in (wintry) Hawke’s Bay. The Society’s Central Districts Branch hosted the annual Conference Weekend. The AGM and Annual Dinner are fixtures, but the workshop series was our own creation. Romance writer Bronwen Evans talked about straddling the traditional and self-published, ebook and paper worlds. Local booksellers Gareth and Louise Ward of Wardini Books offered advice for self-publishers. I ran a session on editing with Rebecca Lal, Penguin Random House's editor for my last three titles, including soon to be released ‘Evie’s War’. With three books behind us, t

Bad weeks and good days

You know it's a bad week when the courier loses your corrected page proofs two days from final sign-off, when material for a magazine you edit is yet to arrive and it's ten days after deadline, and when the news from the vet involves cardboard boxes and tears. But it's also a good day when you finally sign off that novel, when your characters are out of your hands and ready to make their own way, when your mind is cleared - as much as a mind ever is - for the next story to arrive, to expand, to reveal its surprises. Evie is off. You won't see her for a few months, but she's on her way toward you. ('Evie's War' officially arrives in-store on 4 July.) And I am ready to explore another story, a


Deadlines come and go. Some you make, some you bend. (Some bend you.) None of them should matter quite so much as feeling the sun on your skin on a clear, bright Autumn day when the air is so still you can feel it resting around you. Even so, I keep aiming for deadlines...

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