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Released to the wild

Late July heralded Evie's official arrival into the world (though she'd been with me far longer!).

The launch, held in the beautiful Hastings City Art Gallery, was a celebration of all it takes to bring a book to fruition.

My launcher, Kathryn Carmody, Director of the NZ Festival's Book Week, did the honours and there was all the fun of mingling, speaking, signing and selling.

A big thanks to Gallery staff, Raymond van Rijk of BBQ Gourmet, Kathryn Carmody, Penguin Random House, and the many friends, family, readers and fans who came along up to celebrate Evie's release.

This book also owes a huge debt to Belgian arts organisation Passa Porta International House of Literature, who provided me with a wonderful and highly productive writing residency in Belgium while I was writing and researching aspects of WWI on the Western Front.

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